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Traditions: Ideas, thoughts, discussion


Hey guys,

Use this thread for ideas and discussion on traditions, either those existing, or those you hope exist soon! Hopefully this will provide a central place for people to find others that would like a Tradition. See my previous announcement on Traditions for how you can go about creating one.


Anyone else interested in a possible Jensaarai tradition (as featured in I, Jedi)? I’ve had a proposal knocking around in my head since Traditions were announced, so if there are enough people interested I would love to collaborate.


Is anybody interested in a Mecrosa Force Tradition?

My character is Tapani, but anyone could use it as a nod to their Obelisk roots.


A Tradition related to the Mecrosa Order would be interesting, since my character is also a former Tapani Noble


Anyone interested in an Assassin tradition of some sort? Let’s kick around some ideas.