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Unknown Enemies - HSP Run On



Anyone in the House may jump in at any time. You must however read previous posts so that you know what is going on, and ask someone before you make them do something that might be out of character or extreme. Remember, communication is key here! Talk to your fellow run on members.


  • Minimum of 250 words per post
  • This will be for fun, get used to writing Run on’s.
  • In order to get used to Official run on’s, you must have 2 posts.
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The Run On will go until Saturday November 29th at midnight.


Battleteam Caliburnus has been stationed for years on its traditional home world of Ptolomea, utilizing its various resources to their advantage. Having worked in the shadows with Imperial Scholae Intelligence, the Battleteam has been known to engage in missions of a certain classified nature. Our figure heads have been attacked, bombarded and tossed an unknown substance that has poisoned many. Some have survived, others have not. We will have to re build…

Furthermore, our enemies have utilized poison, and our Battleteam leader is one of the first to be inflicted. A cure must be found before we can take on those who oppose us. Find a cure, but do so with caution. Don’t trust the water, and beware of poisonous gases.


Department of Education Building
Almagast, the Ivory City

“Mr. Taelyan, we are just doing what we think is best for the children, and in this case we feel that facts about different political structures across the galaxy result in a well rounded education,” the older woman spat out defensively, her beady eyes wide and nostrils flared from behind her desk.

"I’m not sure you understand Mrs. Almedia, it isn’t actually possible for your curriculum to be too pro-Imperial, " Evant responded, calm and collected, in the back of his mind realizing now why the Aedile was sent out to handle such a menial meeting on school curriculum.

“I instill in these children a willingness to learn, to grow and see the stars. As long as I still draw breath I will do all I can to keep them from becoming simple fodder for the war machine,” she continued, growing more angry with each word, on her feet now behind her desk.

“Yeah, I’m not entirely sure you get the part where this isn’t a debate, and I am actually telling you what to do,” Evant responded, almost amused at seeing just how angry he could make the frail old woman.

Just as she let out an angry sigh and raised her finger in the air to start waving they were interrupted. “My Lord!” an unrecognized Private with the Ptolomean Guard came rushing into the meeting. “I need you to come with me right away,” he announced with a salute, glancing over at the angry woman.

“You may as well not bother coming back, all you’ll do is ruin these children you evil man!” the elderly woman screamed out as Evant turned away from her.

“I will be back, I am just not sure you’ll still be the one occupying this office,” Evant turned to speak to the woman directly in the eyes, an intended threat that legitimately set the woman back. Too much of the playground of the Senate and layers upon layers of complex bureaucracy constantly forming cracks in an otherwise perfect Empire.

As the two reached the hallway outside the office and the door shut, Evant nodded to the Private to give the important news. “When they heard you were on the planet, they sent for you right away. There have been coordinated attacks here on Ptolomea and we need to respond quickly,” he reported, looking around nervously as if anxious to get out of the Department of Education.

“What targets have been hit?” Evant asked, as the two began to walk together towards the exit.

“Several military offices here in Almagast were hit with an unidentified poison, as well as the main government offices in the Capital building, likely their main target. All of them hit with some unrecognizable poison.”

“How many casualties?”



“No my Lord, it seems to impact the nervous system causing intense headaches, symptoms of vomiting, high fever, diarrhea so far. Long term impacts are yet unknown but victims are being isolated and treated on site. All this happened within the past 15 minutes. We simply don’t know enough yet.”

“I need to get to Fort Hammer. Put this entire planet under Martial Law immediately.”

“Yes my Lord.”

“And someone find me Dr. Elincia Rei.”