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[Unsteady Ground] Decapitation Strike Run On. Appius Wight and Hector Ricmore



Appius Wight - https://www.darkjedibrotherhood.com/members/15685/snapshots/2297/4193

Hector Ricmore - https://www.darkjedibrotherhood.com/members/15134/snapshots/2302/4182

Caelus System

From the blue swirls of Hyperspace emerged the Silent Sentinel. A Imperial Gozanti-class Cruiser owned by Zygerrian Ace Pilot Hector Ricmore. Both he and Appius Wight observed from the front of the massive ship as Sentinel Station, a Golan Space Defense Platform emerged into view not too far from them. Their mission was simple. Infiltrate the station and secure it. Sounded easy enough.

“Silent Sentinel versus Sentinel Station. This should be fun,” Hector stated and rubbed his hands with glee with a bright smile plastered on his face.

“And you are sure this plan of yours is going to work?” Appius asked, his helmet currently in his arms, the Zygerrian could clearly see the visible concern on the Battleteam Leader’s face considering the man was holding his helmet at his side.

Hector nodded his head reassuringly to his friend. “Yes, I’m sure I’ve observed their patrol patterns and behaviours over the last few hours. I’m ninety five percent sure this will work.”

“And the other five percent?”

“We get blown up in the middle of space.”

“Lovely…” replied Appius with just a hint of sarcasm in his voice. He was broke from his stupor when two Raider I-class corvettes made their presence known to them and surrounded by a swarm of Tie interceptors they were certainly an intimidating sight to behold.

“Unidentified craft, state your name and intentions or in the name of the Collective we will open fire.”

From the control room of the Gozanti many of the crew turned from their stations to look upon Hector and Appius and awaited their next orders.

“Don’t respond,” ordered Appius whilst his gaze remained firm of the two ships ahead of them. Hector confirmed this order with a small nod of his head towards his crew.

“I repeat, state your name and intention or we will open fire.”

A few eerie moments passed until the sudden emergence of the Deathwatch Marauder Class Corvette drew the attention of the Collective away from them. A squadron of Tie Defenders emerged and engaged with the interceptors in a glorious display of flashing lights and explosions amongst the darkness of space.

“Keep them distracted, we’re taking the Kom’rk’s,” commanded Hector to his men as both he and Appius left the Gozanti control centre and made course for the hangar bay.

Two minutes and thirty seven seconds later

Four Deathwatch Kom’rk Class Fighters emerged out of the hangar bay of the Silent Sentinel. The leading Kom’rk, piloted by Hector Ricmore made a beeline through the chaos of the fighter fight around them to reach Sentinel Station in orbit of Chyron. The other Kom’rk’s followed suit behind him, taking example of the Zygerrian ace’s expert piloting skills.

Unfortunately, despite his skills, they were still in four incredibly large craft in a battle amongst smaller vessels so naturally they drew attention to themselves. From the co-pilot seat, Appius scanned the surrounding space.

“Hector, we’ve got company!” The Battleteam Leader declared and he wasn’t wrong. Three Tie interceptors had locked onto their ship specifically and were attempting to flank them from the sides as green laser fire bombarded their shields.

Hector flicked a couple of switches as power through the entire Kom’rk was diverted, he then glanced to the human Force User beside him before activating communications.

“All Kom’rk’s follow me in attack formation, full power to thrusters and weapons. Hold on tight, Appius. This is where the fun begins.”