Vizsla Run On

(Declan Roark) #1

Primary Theater: Lyra Colony

PRIMARY OBJECTIVE : Explore the ancient temple ruins, and secure its secrets and artifacts.

SITUATION : The Brotherhood had been granted access to the ruins beneath Lyra Colony prior to the diplomatic mission to Lyra, but only a handful of Imperial Reclamation Service personnel had made planetfall before the Collective attack framing the Brotherhood as aggressors. Their communications have been completely cut-off, and their fate remains unknown. Meanwhile, the Collective has ‘come to the aid’ of the Principate, and now have a heavy presence in the area of Lyra Colony having deployed companies of Jedi Hunters, Mercenaries, and Fanatics at the only known entrance to the ruins. They are likely to employ the same suicide tactics used elsewhere to frame the Brotherhood. Early transmissions from the IRS unit before comms went down mentioned an artifact, quite similar to the Technocratic Artifact recovered from Meridian station, had been discovered in the Ordu Aspectu temple deep inside the ruins and moved off-world by the Principate. Nonetheless, IRS believes the temple ruins contain impressive knowledge. With the Collective now moving into the ruins themselves, that knowledge will be pillaged and lost should they reach it. Moreover, the Collective has been galvanizing residents of Lyra Colony on the surface against Force users and the Brotherhood, making for a volatile situation on the streets.

Member Participant Snapshots

GM Declan Roark:
Warlord Rajhin:
Corsair Kanal O’neill:
Privateer Kano Tor Tydex:
Acolyte Wight:
Reaver Kalan Amak:
Privateer Zed:
Eminent Val:
Professional Hector:
Battlelord Rulvak:
Augur Farrin:
Raider Tybalt:
Eminent Idris:

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(Declan Roark) #2

Lyra-3K-a System
Mid Rim Territories
Essaga Sector

Nine Kom’rk-class fighters slipped from hyperspace in a diamond formation designed to obfuscate their arrival within the Lyra-3K-a system. To the naked eye, the formation appeared to be a blurred portion of space. The effect was enhanced by blackout paint, low powered engines, and the absence of friend or foe identification.

The stealth-like formation approached the interior of the system at low sublight speed before fragmenting into three separate flights of three. Each flight moved with precision and assumed precoordinated approaches toward the Lyra Colony, Moon of Thillon, and the Thuvis Imperial Shipyards.

The Lyra Colony’s lead assault ship, Shriek Hawk, engaged the maximum power of its sublight engines sacrificing its initial stealth approach for speed. The ship’s droid pilot, Rekan 1-75, stoically pushed the fighter in a downward spiral into the moon’s atmosphere. Red and orange flames dominated the Shriek Hawk’s forward viewport until the shuttle broke the Colony’s atmosphere with a sonic boom.

Remaining beyond the speed of sound, Rekan 1-75 dropped the assault ship to nap-of-the-moon and skimmed the lush jungle canopy. The Shriek Hawk’s underbelly scraped foliage as it executed a Corellian-drift, turning a complete 180 degrees, before engaging its repulsorlight engines and descending to a jungle landing zone.

The Shriek Hawk’s wings transitioned into an upright position as its exit hatch hissed with the release of pressurized gas. Hand selected elements of Clan Vizsla’s 1st Strike Group disgorged the shuttle’s ramp carrying the equipment of a tactical command post. The Special Mission soldiers moved with precision, establishing communication nodes connected to the Shriek Hawk’s electronic warfare suite.

Declan Roark, flanked by Idris Adenn and Rulvak Qurroc, descended the Kom’rk’s ramp and took their first steps upon the Lyra Colony’s surface. The military strategist Colonel Arcia Cortel trailed the three men, her analytical mind surveying the rudimentary landing zone and judging it adequate for their purposes.

“Mr. Adenn, you have thirty minutes to establish our common operating picture. I want access to the Brotherhood’s Inquisitorious network, positioning of VIP overwatch with the Grand Master’s Royal Guard, and I would be extremely pleased if we knew what the Shroud Syndicate was planning on stealing from the Principate.”

“On it boss,” Idris said as he nodded towards the nearest Special Mission soldier establishing a communication node. The soldier returned the Mandalorian’s gaze with a proficient nod.

“Boss, they are ready for the INQ codes,” Idris said with a slight hint of pride and arrogance at the fact his troops were already ahead of the game.

“X-ray, Lima, Yankee, Oscar, Niner, Fife.”

The Special Mission soldier typed the code into his computer station and watched as it ran through countless algorithms before granting access.

“Grand Inquisitor access granted. We have access to the Advanced Inquisitorius Network and are in the Dark Brotherhood’s systems.”

“Mr. Adenn, you have 28 minutes to establish our remaining networks with the GMRG and Shroud Syndicate. I’d like to know where the Dark Council is on the battlefield.”

“Aye boss,” Adenn responded with a slight smirk knowing Roark was impressed but would never show it.

“Mr. Qurroc, if you would please see to our LZ’s security and the camouflaging of this command post. I’d like to be off the grid as much as possible. Mr. Tydex and Mr. Wight can see to the details.”

The Sephi, contrary to his reputation and desire to work alone, nodded his head in deference to Vizsla’s scion. Rulvak knew that Roark intended to unleash hell on Lyra and knew the initial stages were a necessary evil for the events to come.

“Excellent work,” Roark said to no one and everyone before turning to his communications specialist.

“Get me on the line with the other assault groups.”

(Kalan Amak) #3

Vizsla Red Team
Thuvis Shipyards
Lyra-3K-a System
Moments Later

The comms system sparked to life. Val Cole moved to the radio operator (RTO) and kneeled next to the squawking box.

“Where’s the holo feed?” Val barked.

“Holo projector isn’t working, sir. Someone forgot to pack the extra lenses,” the RTO rolled his eyes. “Wasn’t my job to pack them.”

“It’s your job to make sure I can communicate,” Val snapped. “Figure out a solution.”

The RTO grunted in acknowledgment and moved aside as Cole knelt down and pressed a switch on the comms device.

“Vizsla X-Ray, Vizsla Red, over.”

The device cracked and squawked, and then Declan Roark’s voice came over the speakers. “Viszla Red, Vizsla X-Ray. Report.”

“Red team is in position on Thuvis. Drydock #3. It’s on the dark side of the station. Nothing here except a couple cruisers and old TIE Fighter parts. Command post established. We have no holo connectivity, only voice. Red Teams One and Four are securing the perimeter of the dock. Team Two is manning the CP. Team Three is preparing equipment for follow-on patrols. Diversion number one is in play.”

“Excellent,” Roark’s voice barked over the radio static.

“Once you have established the connection, set up a link between your system and the main team on Lyra. The more we know about what we are dealing with the better. Stay focused on the primary objective Mr. Cole. Take advantage of any opportunities to enact Diversion One. And Cole, don’t screw this up.”

“Acknowledged, Mr. Roark.” Cole replied.

“Until you have something, maintain stealth and radio silence. Vizsla X-Ray, out.” The communications box went silent. “Get Mr. Amak, Mr. Zoran, Mr. Kang, and Mr. Ricmore over here now.”

The RTO grabbed his rifle and left. Cole opened his strike bag and pulled out a small holomap and switched it on. Immediately a projection of the Thuvis Shipyard blossomed in front of him like a large blue and white flower, illuminating the black of his T-shaped visor. Across the map, small dots appeared, indicating the projected locations of Principate and Collective forces, and known network connections. Cole zoomed in and out of the projection, searching for a network node that appeared unguarded. Stealth was key, and Cole knew he could not risk detection. The Lyran government believed the Brotherhood was behind the assault on the system, it would be unwise for any member of the Brotherhood to be seen hacking into a potential ally’s network while forces were laying siege to their system.

At last, he found what he was looking for. The main central network hub and two unguarded network access points.

As Cole came to this realization, four men clad in armor approached. Kalan Amak, Kenath Zoran, Raiju Kang, and Hector Ricmore kneeled in a circle around the map, waiting on Cole’s orders.

“Gentlemen,” Cole began. “This station is heavily guarded. Principate and Collective forces are located in the active portions of the station, with a few roving Principate patrols operating near the central hub. We won’t have a clear shot at the main computer, so we’re going to have to hack into an alternate node. These two,” Val indicated two points on opposite sides of the station, “are relatively unsecured. I don’t know if these are Principate or Collective patrols. Either way, we need to avoid them. The last thing we need is to be seen doing what we are here to do.”

Kalan Amak removed his helmet. “So, what’s the plan boss?”

“Two separate teams will move to each location and attempt to network access points. Focus on finding out who is behind the assault on Lyra. Strengths. Weaknesses. Mr. Kang,” Val indicated a position on the quadrant farthest from the team’s current position, “You will lead Red Team Three to this position.”

Raiju turned his gaze to Val. “If we meet resistance?”

“If you take contact, shoot to kill. Hide the bodies so no other patrol notices them. We can’t allow any alarms.”

“Mr. Zoron, you will lead Red Team Four. Same mission, different objective,” Val pointed to the network node that was nearest to the team’s position. “Contact seems unlikely here, but be vigilant.”

“Mr. Ricmore, your team will man the command post. Monitor both fireteams movements and provide realtime updates to Zoron and Raiju. Keep comms chatter to a minimum, and do not contact Vizsla X-Ray until I tell you to.”

Hector Ricmore was clearly displeased with his assignment. “So I’m stuck here guarding the command post while everyone else goes off in search of fame and glory?”

“You’ll have plenty of opportunities for fame and glory, Ricmore. Trust me.”

Ricmore grabbed his rifle and slouched back to the command post.

“And what about me, Mr. Cole?” Kalan asked.

“We are going to cause a little mayhem, my friend,” Val said. “You and I are going to render this station’s network hub useless once the two patrol teams have completed their job. Have Red Team One ready to go in the next 10 minutes.”

Kalan Amak stared at Val. “I thought we were supposed to maintain stealth?”

“Oh, we will. We’ll be overwatching the central hub. When the teams report success, we’re going to drop an EMP and a few thermal detonators and then move back to the command post. If we time it right, we’ll be long gone before anyone can figure out we are the ones who did it. Just have to find a way to funnel a Collective patrol to the central hub right as we deliver our package. That’s where Ricmore will come in. He just doesn’t know it yet.”

Kalan stared at Val. “You’re going to use him as bait?”

“He can handle himself. He wants glory? He’ll get it.”

Kalan grabbed his helmet and put it back on his head. “I hope you know what you are doing, Cole.”

Val grabbed his helmet and spun it in his hands before placing it on his head.

“Absolutely. I’m about to have a little fun.”

(Rajhin) #4

Temnos Excations Co., Alternate Docking Site
Moon of Thillon
Lyra-3K-a System
Moments Later

Declan’s gruff voice came over Rajhin’s personal comlink, ’“Vizsla Gold this is Vizsla X-ray, come in over.”

Finally, the Togorian thought as he keyed up the device to respond. He preferred working alone to as part of a large military operation but he still remembered his years of Obelisk training. “Vizsla X-ray, this is Vizsla Gold, send it.”

“Vizsla Gold, what’s your status?” Declan inquired curtly. He was all about business, which was something Rajhin could appreciate.

“Gold team is in position and ready to commence operation.”

“Vizsla Gold, you are clear to commence operations. Maintain radio silence until mission complete or emergency evac is required. X-ray out.”

Rajhin put his communicator back on his belt. He wasn’t sure how he was chosen as a team leader as a relative newcomer to the clan but this mission was an admittedly low priority. Secure the moon’s kyber crystals or prevent anyone else from taking them and keep as many Collective forces committed to the moon as possible. In other words, a massive diversion. The Shroud syndicate had recently updated their standing bounty on Collective officers, so there would be lucrative targets of opportunity but the overall mission was to make as much noise as possible with minimal Vizsla manpower.

Farrin Xies popped the door to his shuttle Irena which he had allowed the team to use in this mission for a considerable fee. Rajhin knew little of the human, save he was another Force user and whispers of his former career in the Brotherhood. How and why the Tarentae ended up working with Vizsla wasn’t the Torogarian’s concern.

Next off the ramp was Tybalt Softpaw, a fellow Togorgian Rajhin had more or less taken under his wing in recent months. Tybalt’s reluctance to fight was matched only by his raw strength and medical skills. Tybs was useful to have around when he wasn’t distracted. Tybalt stretched out once free of the cramped confines of the human-proportioned shuttle hold.
Last off the shuttle was Kanal O’neill, another human Raj knew little about but seemed well armed and carried himself as one capable in a fight. O’neill donned full Mandalorian armor with dual pistols and the infamous Mandalorian vambraces that could vex even Force users.

The Cathar Akhera Nol was already on the moon’s surface and would meet up with them mid-mission, supposedly with some “backup” she recruited from another clan. That rounded out gold team; Raj, Farrin, Tybalt, Kanal, Akhera and whomever Akhera recruited. That small group had to pin down an entire Collective battalion and prevent anyone from leaving with the kyber crystals. Why couldn’t all jobs be this easy?

(Appius Wight) #5

Eorilia’s Moon
Lyra 3K-A System
Lyra Colony Landing Zone
Moments later

“Wight, Tydex, with me, now.”

Ruvlak stated his orders to the two men and pulled them from their current duties unloading equipment from one of the other Kom’rk-class fighters that landed with the Shriek Hawk. Communication arrays, jammers and weaponry were just a few of the crates that were being unloaded though it was incredibly clear from the tone of Ruvlak’s voice that he wasn’t particularly happy about being ordered to work in a group.

The two men followed the male Sephi for approximately six minutes, neither saying a word before he finally turned and revealed their orders.

“Roark wants us to deal with our security and camouflage.”

“Wait, what do you mean by… deal with?” It was Appius who spoke as all of a sudden as a terrifying feeling overcame him. Was it the Force telling him something of what was to come?

However, it was Kano Tor Tydex who responded to him, though any facial expression was unclear through his T shaped Mandalorian Visor.

“Camo nets, heat dampeners and stuff like that I take it?” Kano retorted sarcastically.

“Exactly, inform the soldiers to set up posts around the area and scout the nearby forests.”

It was at that moment when he finished speaking that Ruvlak’s immediate attention was drawn to the nearby forest.

“We’ve been found.”

He connected to the Force and it had told him of a nearby Principate patrol that had come across upon their location having heard them landing. Instantly he bent the Force to his will and disappeared from sight before the patrol caught sight of them.

Seven soldiers stepped through the trees, their sights and weapons set on Kano and Appius. One man stepped forward and addressed the two Vizsla members in front of him.

“Hey! Who are you? What is your business here?”

Kano stepped forward and threw his arms up peacefully. His body language looked like he was coming in peace, until with great speed he unholstered his WESTAR-35 Blaster Pistol with his right hand, aimed it between the eyes of the man in front of him and pulled the trigger. Blood spluttered in the air as the leader of this Principate patrol dropped dead in an instant. Alarming not only the man’s troops behind him, but Appius too.

They stood in front of them and remained frozen for a moment by the fact that their leader was shot in front of them, but after a moment one of the younger members of the seven man squad steeled himself and tried to rally them together.

“Kill them! Don’t let them get away with this!”

But just as he yelled those exact words his heart appeared in front of his chest, presented on a Vibrosword named Surrender by its master.

It was Ruvlak. He revealed himself from the shadows and had struck the young man with such intensity through his heart it penetrated through his muscle and bone and left his body entirely. Ruvlak could feel the Force warning him of the danger around him. But before he could react Kano had launched himself into the air with his jetpack and began to unleash a flurry of blaster fire from the air. The combination of Ruvlak’s swift strikes from his mastery of the Shadow Step martial art form and Tydex’s airborne assault was more than enough to make quick work of these foes those two considered little more than pests.

All Appius could do was watch. Perturbed and disturbed by the ease at which they committed their massacre.

After all was said and done, seven bodies lay motionless on the ground completely void of life, the sight of their mangled corpses would have made anyone sick to their core. Kano landed next to Appius and Ruvlak approached him, seeming almost angry at the Mercenary.

“Those were my kills, Tydex.”

The weapons specialist merely shrugged his shoulders, seemingly nonchalant at the Sith Shadow’s complaint.

“You should have said so then.”

That was Kano’s retort and the two men had a stand-off with each other. Ruvlak’s bloodthirstiness was obvious in his facial expression though with Kano it was impossible to tell his reaction through his helmet.

Ruvlak then turned to Appius. Having just remembered he was even here.

“You. I didn’t see you willing to get involved, Jedi. You better not hinder this mission or you will answer to me personally.”

The threat was evident in his voice. But before Appius could respond he felt the Force warn him of an imminent danger to them. One of the Principate patrol members had survived the attack and had slowly reached for their blaster whilst prone. Their sights were trained onto Kano but before he could shoot he writhed in agony as electricity coursed through his body, stopping his heart and killing him in moments.

Appius had acted on instinct and had saved his comrade. Ruvlak then addressed him to voice his approval.

“Much better. You two clean up this mess and scout the forest. I’m going to tell Roark and Adenn that this landing zone is secure. Oh and don’t forget to camouflage us. We brought all the necessary equipment.”

The two men began first with their clean up duties before finishing their main objective as Ruvlak returned to the presence of Declan Roark and Idris Adenn.

“Mr. Qurroc, I trust the landing zone is secure and off the grid?” Spoke Roark, the Clan Vizsla leader completely unperturbed at the blood adorning Ruvlak’s robes at this moment.

“It is. Wight and Tydex are just finishing up and will be with us shortly.” The male Sephi responded.

“Excellent, in that case be ready.” It wasn’t obvious but it looked like a small smile creeped up onto his face.

“It’s time we make our move towards the temple.”