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War Games: Disciples of Baas - Medical Emergency


Mission Briefing

The Disciples of Baas have responded to a distress call in the unexplored rainforests of Milil’ea. Coming upon a downed dropship, they are greeted by several droids mocked up as wounded patients - each mimicking serious injuries, and each fading fast! Knowing enemy forces are on approach, and with KUDF fighter craft simulating air superiority, they need to stabilize the wounded, load them onto repulsor gurneys, take their cargo of supplies, and escape on foot through the nearby mountain ranges to reach the extraction point.


  • No killing characters without permission.
  • Scenario is non-lethal; serious injuries should be treated as accidents.
  • Disciples of Baas only.
  • Minimum of two 250-word posts to be a participant; only participants can place.
  • The Summit will be sending Care Package drops, and updating on the status of unexpected events, based on post count.

Week One:

The Disciples have arrived on scene, deployed by a KUDF dropship to quickly stabilize the wounded and escape with the cargo. Unbeknownst to them, this routine drill quickly becomes a much harder challenge when “enemy” KUDF fighter craft appear in the sky and their ride home is forced to flee. With no choice, and enemy scouts approaching on speeder bikes, the Disciples must flee through the rainforest and reach the mountain trails to contact their dropship.


“As soon as our boots hit the ground, I want each of you to pair up with one of the wounded.” Mar Sul shouted out at the members of his Battleteam.

That was the last thing Kaira heard before they saw the enemy ship. The next thing she knew, they were all scrambling to stabilize the injured. They had to get them all packed up and into the jungle as quick as they could and time was not on their side.

“Move it, guys. We only have a few moments more and it will come to a fight.” Mar looked to Kaira as if to say “you lead, I follow.”

There was only four of them in the group so it was easy to keep track and they were all old hands at jobs like this. They worked well as a group, better than most as egos never got in the way. A’lora and Kaira worked on the injured getting them strapped down on the repulsor gurneys once they were stable. All the while Mar and VanWyck pulled together all the supplies that were scattered. It was great that they worked so well as a group for they had all this done in under ten minutes. That was a good thing too, as they looked up and saw the group of “enemy” KUDF fighters bearing down on them.

“Alright, move out. Follow me.” Kaira said to the group as she watched Mar bring up the rear, his inactive saber ready in his hand.

At least they were protected, as Mar was as good as any of them in a fight. Each step they made would take them deeper into the unknown. Part of Kaira wondered if they were better off in the rainforest and not standing against KUDF. With that the group swiftly started to move into the dark jungle. They would have to be on their toes not only with the enemy behind them but with what lay unseen before them in the jungle.


Mar watched Kaira lead the Battle-Team into the Rainforest, “We will have to try and take a difficult trail, so the enemies can’t use their speeders to catch us” he announced to the rest of the team.

The droids that were emulating wounded outnumbered the team, while they were moving A’lora was attempting to attend three patients alone, whilst VanWyck coaxed the others to keep moving. Kaira looked back at the squad and shook her head “It’s no good, we can’t lose our enemy while we have so many sick.”

dead weight was the first thing that came to Mar’s mind, we should leave those who have the worst wounds behind. He only entertained the thought for a moment before resolving in a plan. “You’re right Kaira, we can’t outrun them whilst we are with the wounded.” he turned to A’lora “We need to find somewhere to hide everyone, then A’lora and I will give them a false trail to follow, then we will rendezvous back with everyone.”

Mar sighed, he had plenty of faith in A’lora’s path finding skills, his concern rested with the safety of the others. “Kaira, you’ll be in charge of keeping the wounded and the rest of the team safe, remember once you hide, keep yourselves hidden. but if you have to fight, fight as a team and protect one another, this is the key to our success.”

A’lora led them to a partially uprooted tree, the roots served as a perfect hideout for the wounded. Immediately both Mar and A’lora got to work covering their tracks and creating a new trail for their enemies to follow. “If everything goes to plan, we should be back with them in no time” Mar said confidently to A’lora, getting a swift nod in return…