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War Games: Knights of Allusis - Town Defense


Mission Briefing

The Knights of Allusis have been deployed to the mysterious, volcanic continent of Sanulu, to an ancient and abandoned tribal settlement known as Pa Tawhito. A series of stone buildings with a low wall, a well in the center of town, and a series of low walls along the beach, it faces the coast and is nestled against a mountain range.

Half of KoA will form Team Rancor, and will assault the base with vehicles and infantry of the Rainbringers and Vorsa’s Own deployed via dropship, and Jedi assistance. Meanwhile, the other half will form Team Wampa, and will defend the settlement from within alongside the Korahaii Host and the Melewati Bushfighters, with use of simulated anti-air weapons, stun rifles and batons, and training lightsabers.

Bomber craft will fly overhead, simulating attacks by dropping canisters of non-lethal stun gas. Simulated anti-air rounds targeting the fighter craft will mark them with tracking signals if they are “hit,” removing the affected craft from the action.


  • No killing characters without permission.
  • Scenario is non-lethal; serious injuries should be treated as accidents.
  • Knights of Allusis only.
  • Minimum of two 250-word posts to be a participant; only participants can place.
  • The Summit will be sending Care Package drops, and updating on the status of unexpected events, based on post count.
  • Team Distribution is up to Seraphol Ceartas, and will be done however he sees fit.

Week One is over - Team Rancor advances!

Week Two:

Team Wampa’s defensive line has broken! Wampa now retreats into the buildings and streets of Pa Tawhito, while Team Rancor begins efforts to lock down buildings, secure streets, and capture enemy combatants.


Gallo Medium Transport on approach to the Sanlulu continent,
New Tython
2 hours to Mission Start

Shorurra peered out the window at the molten wasteland that was know as Sanlulu. It was the smallest of the continents on New Tython, however if it continued to grow at the pace that it had in past years it would not be long before it encompassed more land mass then even Owyhyee and Kamuekiko combined.

It had been only a few minutes that they were on route from the Jedi Praxeum when Shorurrua had received a holo call from Knight Commander of Odan-Urr, Seraphol Ceratas about a training operation that was used to form bonds between teams of distant seeming Jedi. This particular training op, was for the Knights of Allusis, the Tip of the Spear. The Holo had lasted only moments, with directions to the meeting point for team Rancor, the assault team that was chosen to attack the Tribal Settlement known as Pa Tawhito. He had been chosen to lead the frontal assault while Seraphol would flank from the east.

However they had a card up their sleeve, Lambow’s Chosen were on route to perform as reinforcements to Shorurra’s battalion. Their combined might should be enough to win the day, but there were unexpected circumstances that no member of Team Rancor was prepared for.

Command Tent
Outpost Wampa, Sanlulu, New Tython
2 hours to Mission Start

V’yr Vorsa had led many missions in her time with the Knights of Allusis, however she had never had to hold a position against such formidable opponents as the Knights Commander and other members of the Knights. She had at her disposal, a small attachment of Jedi and Padawans, as well as the Korahaii Host and the Melewati Bush Fighters.

Looking at the rough map of the surrounding area she looked up to the other two members of her war council Sentinel Shadow Ji, and Jedi Knight Lu’aisha Gresee. She looked over the meagre seeming force that was before her and wondered if they would even be able to hold this position for the night. If there was even a chance of success.

Ji looked up from the crude map at the slender Neti sensing her doubt. “Do not worry V’yr,” He said his words crackling out of his atmosphere processing mask. “The Force is with us this day.”

V’yr smiled and nodded her head at the elderly Gand, his experience would be helpful in the coming hours of the battle. Swinging her attention to the young Knight, She motioned for Lu’aisha to make her report.

The slender female moved forward and placed a few figurines onto the map marking the positions of the defensive barricades that were in place for the coming assault. Placing her Datapad onto the table she began to outline readings that had been sent by a geologist team that was used to monitor the lava flow and earthquakes that frequently ravaged the small continent.

“It has been days since the last quake, but the magma that is erupting from the closest volcano is covering everything in sight in a layer of ash. If we use this to our advantage we should be able to hide most of our forces until the fighting begins.”

Ji nodded his head in approval, “All the troops have been outfitted with non lethal weapons, Stun batons and rifles, as well as Training sabres for those of us who are skilled enough to use them.” The small Gand reached out his hand and pointed to a small hill. “This is one of the only forested areas on all of Sanlulu” He pointed out motioning to the others. “We can be sure that the young wookiee will use this as his staging area for the frontal assault.”

V’yr motioned to the other side of the village near the beach head. “We must assume that there will be a flanking assault from the sea as well, I say we barricade in between these low walls to make team Rancor have to funnel through this trench to enter the Village.”

“But what if we cannot hold the beach?” Lu’aisha said a look of concern flashing across her face. “We would be better suited to collapse the low walls with a pit fall rather than allowing them a straight shot into the city.”

“Perhaps, there is another way” Ji said looking to the rolling hills that had recently formed due to volcanic eruptions a few miles from the village. “If we post a few mortar squads with nerve gas rounds on this hill we may be able to keep their forces at bay long enough to make them retreat and regroup.”

V’yr looked down at the Gand with respect, although she was much older than him, his military experience was an asset that she would need should they be able to hold the Village over the next day.

Looking to the Horizon, the sun started to rise. It would be a few hours before the true battle began. But with the dawn, came the start of the War games.

Sanlulu Beachhead
Team Rancor staging area, Sanlulu, New Tython

Seraphol sniffed the air as he walked down the ramp of the Troop Transport he had arrived in. His forces had arrived with the night and were establishing a base camp on the Beach just south of the village of Pa Tawhito. The scent of ash hung heavy in the air. Soot lined everything in sight. This wasteland would make for a perfect training scenario.

Looking to his Sergeant, Seraphol cocked his head motioning to the young wookiee to come closer. “What troubles you?” He said raising his hand up to place it on the monstrous wookiees shoulder.

He was clad in his traditional full plate armour, his cape flapping in the breeze. Standing at seven feet, three inches tall he was still not fully grown. Being so young he had an air of inexperience to him, until the battle started, then his ferocity and strength made him a challenging opponent for almost any Jedi Odan-Urr had to offer.

The other two members that had reported for combat this day were Sentinel Ranger Raiju Kang, and Sentinel Watchman Lambow. “Shorurra” Lambow rumbled, his gravelly voice echoed through the light wind blowing smog throughout the area. “The chosen are ready for battle.”

Shorurra nodded to the Older Wookiee admiration filling his eyes, “We are ready” He said looking to Seraphol “The Tip of the Spear is assembled.”

Seraphol looked to the small village on the hill top in front of him. Looking at the forces he had assembled he sent Raiju to the east leading the Battalion aptly named Vorsa’s own to flank from the hills above Pa Tawhito. Motioning Lambow over he ordered the Chosen to cross the beach and head for the forest to the west of the village, they would use the trees to their advantage to to flank their opponents.

He and Shor would lead the frontal assault on the village running through the gauntlet of small walls that formed a sort of labyrinth in front of the small village. They took only a handful of commandos for the frontal assault carrying energy shields to block stun rifle shots as they moved forward. At the top of the hill Seraphol would launch a flare into the air signalling the other two forces to advance in their flanking manoeuvres.

That flare would be the start of the battle, where it would end, Shorurra could only guess but what he did know was that as of right now, the War Games had started.


"Forested area"
Outpost Wampa, Sanlulu, New Tython
2 minutes to Mission Start

They had organized as best they could with what little they had. This was a no-win scenario but that was exactly the point. Learning to embrace defeat was a path to maturity. To be able to defeat your opponent you must taste defeat yourself.

Vorsa observed the Melewati Bushfighters, her brothers in arms, hidden around her massive roots. Their positions weren’t perfect but they would have to do. The majority of the Melewati took up positions inside the village where Ji would lead them in the defense. Not even three platoons were hidden in the forested area where Ji predicted the Chosen would attack from. Vorsa had accompanied them, changing her humanoid appearance into one more similar to the local flora. Her body was a tree-trunk with roots digging deep into the fertile soil underfoot, and large leaf-covered branches overhead. The plan was for them to ambush and take out as many Chosen as possible before falling back under mortar cover. Should the mortars come under attack, the Korahaii would defend them.

The mortars were set up, discretely enough, into dug out fox holes atop the hill. If they wanted to remove that threat they would have to split up their forces. Conveniently enough the long stretch of ash-covered wasteland between the mortars and the nearest enemy unit, Vorsa’s Own, was a perfect place for the Korahaii to hide in ambush. They were perfect desert raiders and would be more than a match to Vorsa’s Own should they get close enough. It gave her pride to pit her own units against one another. Win or lose they would learn, and she would be proud of them either way.

The village itself was their best asset. It had many small streets and structures where they could possibly hold the enemy for a longer period. Ji handled the defense of the village while Lu’aisha covered the beach landing. Blockades and defense positions dotted the hill’s beach-side while metal wire and sporadic stun mines created funnels and kill zones for Lu’aisha to exploit. It was by no means perfect but it would hold them off for a while.

Vorsa exhaled even though she had no need to breathe through her mouth. It was a tick she had picked up from A’lora to calm her nerves. She spread her roots further and further, feeling the very life force in the ground and sensing movement above it. She felt the anxiety of her unit hiding in her branches and in the shrubbery in the area. They were ready for the mission to start. As she saw the flare burn through the early morning sky she had hoped that their plans were good enough.


"Ash-Covered Wasteland"
Sanlulu, New Tython
War Games Launch
Team Rancor

Sure…give the Nautolan the volcanic plain. Raiju complained to himself as he wrapped up his rubbery skin with the loose ties of his Odan-Urr robes, in a desperate attempt to avoid drying out. The heat around him was blistering, with the heat and ash of the nearby volcano’s blowing over their area. While his robes had been a nice shade of white when they were delivered to him, a month of sleeping on hut floors and in the jungle had stained them a dirt brown…now they would definitely be charcoal by the end of the hour. All in the name of training, I guess.

Soot covered everything. Behind the Nautolan, the AATs roared as they moved forward over the volcanic rock and their engines grew louder as their intake sucked more ash in. Raiju knew he couldn’t push them any faster, too much in and the air filters would block; leaving the Ranger with a hundred and twenty tons of scrap metal and one very angry Neti in the form of V’yr. But that left the rest of his forces stuck in the open with little cover but the rolling hills of the cooled volcanic rock. He had the speeder bikes squadrons performing regular patrols ahead of them as they moved, but that meant he had to rely on the scouts as his defensive infantry should the AAT come under attack. Already Raiju was hating his luck.

When a scout pointed over the Nautolan’s shoulder, indicating the red flare had launch over the village, Raiju sighed. His preparation time was up. Soon, the attack would begin and he had to have this forces across the plain and up the hill in time to support the final push. He needed to make a decision, and it was decisions like these that could cost his side the training exercise.

“Grits!” Raiju bellowed angrily before gritting his teeth; though he had no problem with the man. Raiju just liked to make him jump - fear keeps people aware and Grits never let it cripple him. “Call back the second, third and fifth bike squadrons and assign them a patrol path ahead of the AATs. Then tell the first and fourth squadrons they are to scout ahead of us, we’ll be moving ahead to the foot of the hill. Once the AATs are within sight of us they should be able to punch it to our location and blow out their filters before climbing.”

Grits was quick to click his heels and salute smartly before taking off to his assigned orders. Raiju wasn’t one for orders, but if V’yr liked to have the men wrapped tight who was he to criticize her. Apparently Seraphol already knew not to assign the Nautolan any female officers, but how was he to think without natural stress relievers?

“Ranger!” Grits came running back, did his annoyingly perfect salute and then proceeded. “All set sir. Ready to move.”

"Ash-Covered Wasteland"
Sanlulu, New Tython
War Games Launch
Team Wampa

Ainu couldn’t see the man in front of him, but he knew he was there. He knew they were all there, hidden among the volcanic hills. And just like he couldn’t see them, he knew they couldn’t see him. Their instructions were clear, wait until the Rancors were on top of them and then reveal themselves. So he shut his eyes once more and held in wait.

Covered in black ash from head to top, the Iwu Koraha Mahue - better known as Korahaii - fighter had never seen war before. This was his first experience with combat, and while it was what the Jedi called a “simulation” or pretend fight; the young warrior was keen to prove himself capable to the Jedi - in whatever way possible. So he tucked the blade, a relic of his father which was passed onto Ainu after his father’s death in the fight against the Mad King, into his boot and closed his eyes - confident his paint was detailed enough to hide him in plain sight of the approaching Team Rancor.