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War Games: Strike Team Ooroo - Capture the Flag


Mission Briefing

Strike Team Ooroo has been deployed to the rainforest settlement of Gradrrbecca. Within the trees, half of their team works with the Chosen to secure the settlement, patrol the wilderness, and above all - guard the ultimate resource, the Flag! These Jedi form Team Katarn, and must use constant vigilance to hold back the enemy before they can capture the Flag and bring it to an extraction point.

Meanwhile, the other half of the team has formed Team Nexu, and works alongside the Zawi Host to infiltrate the settlement, subdue any enemy forces, and Capture the Flag! Through use of guerrilla warfare tactics, stealth, and non-lethal weaponry, Team Nexu must rely on the indigenous jungle Harakoans at their side against the cunning, tracking, and woodsmanship of the Wookiees.


  • No killing characters without permission.
  • Scenario is non-lethal; serious injuries should be treated as accidents.
  • Strike Team Ooroo only.
  • Minimum of two 250-word posts to be a participant; only participants can place.
  • The Summit will be sending Care Package drops, and updating on the status of unexpected events, based on post count.
  • Team Distribution is up to Revak Kur, and will be done however he sees fit.

Week One is over - Team Nexu advances!

Week Two:

Team Nexu has taken the Flag! Now, they face a treacherous march through the undergrowth of the jungle, as they work with the Zawi host to repel natural threats from below and hold off assaults by the Wookiees above.


A warm, moist, late afternoon breeze gently rustles the leaves of the dense rainforest canopy, mimicking the sound of a light rain storm, but no water falls on the Jedi of Team Katarn. Huddled tightly around a small table, high above the ground, in the center of the Wookie-built village in Gradrrbecca, they look over a sketch. At the center of this sketch; the objective they must hold until the extraction team arrives: a golden flag.

Warchief Liika walks over to the huddle, points to the sketch and lets out a series of grunts and roars.

Krandon translates, “the patrols are in position as we requested, and awaiting our orders.”

Sanarai responds with a nod.

The mighty Wookie begins again, this time the sound of concern echoes from his throat.

Krandon absorbs what the Wookie says, looks at the sketch and analyses it for a moment.

Zeon looks at Krandon, “What did he say?”

Krandon replies without looking up. “He said, although we are high above the ground, this settlement does have a minor weakness they may try to exploit.”

“I’m sure they know of it, and will probably attack tonight,” Gon replies, focused now on this specific point of the sketch.

LaLa adds, “We are outnumbered 11:3 and stretched thin as it is. Let’s keep a majority of the Wookies up in the trees, and some guarding the village. The others come with us on the ground.”

Enric chuckles, “I like it! I’m having a feeling they will try to hit us from the ground.”

Zeon replies in disbelief, “They would be crazy to do that. Not only are they fighting uphill but who knows what’s down below the mist…”

Gon interjects, “Zeon, you do have a point, but then again, we didn’t become Agents by following logical plans of attack.”

Krandon agrees with a laugh, “Yeah, that’s our motto ‘Sometimes you just have to wing it’.”

Laughter erupts from the group.

Sanarai rolls up the sketch and hands it to Liika. “They mustn’t get this. Guard it with your life,” the Wookie takes the partchment and tucks it away in his satchel. Sanarai continues, “Liika, split your Berserkers into groups of 50. One for the Flag, one covering the village from the canopy and the rest come with us on the ground.” She looks at her fellow Jedi, “We can’t know what they are planning, and all we can do is be ready when it happens. Let’s be on the ground in an hour.”


The Jedi of Team Nexu, encamped several kilometers away from the village, look over intelligence brought back to them by the Scouts of Zawi Host. In a large tent, the light of a holomap casts the cloaked figure’s shadows against the walls. They sit in silence as they read through report after report. Suddenly, a door flap flies open and in walks il-Zaw the Black, Chief of the Harakoan forces.

“I assume the reports are to your liking? Those scouts are the finest on Harakoa.” The Zawi leader addresses the Jedi in a rough Basic.

Sang looks up to reply, “Yes Chief, your men have given us more than we could have asked for.”

The Harakoan’s expression remains stern. “Good. What are your orders?”

Rhiann turns the holomap to get a different vantage point.

“Despite our numerical advantage,” she pulls up the elevation readings, “They have the higher ground. A direct assault is out of the question.”

Rangel sits back in his seat and rubs his chin, “There is a weakness.”

John leans forward, “He’s right, but surly they have already planned on us attacking there.”

Autumn looks at il-Zaw, “Chief, you know your men. Can your Warriors take that section of the village, while we go after the flag from else ware?”

The Chief, appearing to be insulted at the suggestion that HIS men aren’t up to the task, and replies, “Pardon my tone Master Jedi, but MY men can take the village and capture the Flag with or without Jedi assistance.”

An unnatural smurk breaks the Chief’s serious demeanor.

Revak stands to address the group.

“They will expect us to stay high in the trees, attack at night and focus on their weakness. I say we do the opposite. We approach while we still have daylight, using the ground mist to hide our numbers. It will be a tough climb but we have the equipment to do it,” he looks over at il-Zaw, “If YOUR men are as good as you say they are; this shouldn’t be an issue for them.”

The Chief eyes Revak sternly, letting him know he found little humor in his quip. “I will inform them of the plan and can be ready to move out within the hour.” He salutes the Jedi, clicking his heals loudly, before leaving the tent.

John clears his throat before addressing his concern for the plan, “We don’t know what is down there. We might be fighting more than Team Katarn.”

Rhiann responds with a smile, “Listen, if you encounter anything, just remember to document it for the Flora/Fauna archives, BEFORE you kill it.”

All but John founds the humor in her words.

Sang stands, clicks off the holomap and announces, “He said within the hour, let’s move out!”


Sanguinius was bemused slightly by the whole exercise, the experienced Jedi had undergone a long career with the Brotherhood, and before that, in the Imperial Navy. This exercise was a simple ‘Capture the Flag’ scenario, one that he had done many times before while in Plagueis and Arcona. The only difference between their scenarios and Odan Urr’s? Odan Urr’s Rules of Engagement expressly said no casualties. The Darksiders cared little for injuries, if the weak were killed, so much the better in their eyes.

It had taken the Entar a long time to integrate himself into his new home, still not fully at ease with using only the Light side of the Force, Sanguinius often struggled not to tap into those easy pools of power that he once knew so well. His exodus from Arcona into the wilderness of the Galaxy had been self-inflicted, too many innocent people had died under his command, too many for his conscience to ignore.

The so-called Peacekeeper had made his way to Odan Urr, a unit he had been in before. That time, he had been a spy working for Arcona, trying to stir up a rebellion under an alter-ego, Ascero…that had been before the weariness of death and destruction had set in. Now, he had chosen to go to Odan Urr to find some peace, some way of ignoring the ghosts that accused him when he slept. He hadn’t yet…

Casting his mind over the plan, Revak’s idea was simplistic, but that was the best thing it had going for it. Knowing his teammates, they wouldn’t be expecting their attack so soon, not when the light gave them every advantage. The Anaxsi watched his fellow teammates of Team Nexu gear up, Rhiann, the newly frocked Equite and Odan Urr’s Rollmaster checked her ever-present daggers, that were her signatory weapons. Beside her, the newest member of Strike Team Ooroo, Autumn Axiuos prepped a blaster rifle, making sure it was set to stun.

Sanguinius nodded at the Protector and exuded confidence through the Force at them to reassure them, “Make sure you watch where you’re pointing that thing later on.” he joked and cracked a laugh. “You can be sure we’ll need some big guns later on if I know what the old man is like.”

Revak chipped in, “Liam will always ensure that the exercises are fair.”

“Fair to whom?” Sang replied with a wink.

The Battleteam Leader was unable to answer without smiling. “Fair to whomever he decides.”

The final two members of their party, the Padawans, Rangel and John Brown, had decided to pass up on the blaster rifles that were on offer and instead took a blaster pistol each.

Sang fiddled with his belt, tapped the pouch on the back of the belt, making sure he had packed his glop grenades, and withdrew his two Westar 34 blasters from his low slung holsters, checking that they were set to stun also before putting them back.

“Let’s get this show on the road, boys and girls.” the Guardian joked, eager to get this whole thing over and done with before lunch.