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Welcome to the CSP Section


Look new fancy pants forums. And a post from someone who isn’t James! Go us! If you are seeing this, why not pipe up with some suggestions of what kinds of things you would like to see here in this section?


I dont trust you >.> I refuse to use this magical device!


Yes this just a ploy to steal kidneys, oh wait. That’s what you do, not me. :stuck_out_tongue:


A section for organising ACC matches?


That’s an interesting idea. Does make it easier to challenge if you know who is qualified for it.


I’m full of interesting ideas. Most of them aren’t very good and involve ducks but they’re interesting nonetheless.
It’d also be handy for working out time limits for posting. Unless it was a competition I normally couldn’t commit to a 1 day post limit, unless i got a random day free and someone was up for a really quick match.


Yeah, you can change the time limit on ACC matches when challenging someone. I think the default is 3 days but it goes longer too.


Alright! Let’s discuss what Dante is doing with the 2 ACC we just acquired for him.


Greetings all,

This forum could be a great organizational and communication tool for the assigned Battle Teams as well as the House as a whole. Roster checks, reports, planning for competitions/GJW etc. Moreover, it can stimulate discussion and increase morale and be utilized to gauge activity and the level of support the House has or does not have currently. Looking forward to seeing more posts here and will help out if any good discussions/fun stuff comes to mind.


Zagro Zenn


Well reports are already archived by the site, although there is now the added ability to have comments go to here instead of just on the site. The old forums were rarely used outside of runons, which obviously we will continue to do so here.

I do like the idea of battle team usage however. Our teams just got switched around, and outside of group emails this would be a good way for the teams to get to better know each other.



Sounds great to me…I for one would be very active in run-ons as activity begets activity in them I feel. Of course that depends on the storyline being dynamic enough.




In regards to discussing battleteams, I’d like to know more about those. Would this still be a good place to talk about them?


Yes of course, Alara. What would you like to know?