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What Happens When You Give Zujenia an Interview?


(A sapphire skinned Twi’lek can be seen adjusting two black chairs so they face a bit closer to the Holocam. The Twi’lek waves to the camera and gives a warm smile.)

“Yes folks, the friendly DJB Twi’lek news reporter is back again! Today, I bring you to the Clan that loves gaming to the max. It is none other than fantastic Clan Arcona!”

“Because I enjoy interviewing a wide variety of folks, I got the privilege to talk with a couple individuals interested in participating. One such member is a bit shy and keeps to themselves quite a bit, but rest assured if someone from her clan or undesirables continue to be threatened she will fight. Also rocking that fabulous white hair in a ponytail, I give you Zujenia, the Shadow Knight of Qel-Droma, Arcona.”

(A tan skinned Human Female with white hair pulled back in a ponytail can be seen. Her Amber eyes scan the area a bit before she sits down in one of the black chairs. Her face has no apparent expression, just a straight face. Tasha notices one of her feet is tapping the ground lightly,signaling she is a bit nervous.)

(Tasha grins and sits down beside the Shadow)

“I understand convincing you to come was a bit difficult, but I am very glad you did come. We have several journeyman that haven’t had a chance to hear some advice and know just a little bit about you.
Now from what I have heard, you support the undesirables and even try to protect them. How do you feel about the current situation?”

(Tasha sees a fiery spark in the Knight’s eyes as she stands up and begins to speak.)

“I find it very sad that there seems to be very little done to help them. I will never give up on them and will continue to do what I feel is right.”

“You are very brave for the stand you take Zujenia and I admire your loyalty to reaching out to them. So for all of the younger journeyman seeking out their first adventure, what is some advice you would give them?”

(The Humanoid seems to be eyeing a basket of chocolate covered bananas and strawberries on the table. She reaches out and grabs one of the strawberries and begins to nibble it. Her face is a picture of delight as her eyes close slightly as she enjoys the strawberry. She quickly wipes her mouth, trying to get rid of the chocolate.)

“I love chocolate covered fruit! Now what was the questi-oh right! Well I would say never try to change who you are and stay true to yourself. Beware against those trying to turn you towards the darkside.”

(As she talks, Tasha tries not to laugh as she grabs another strawberry from the basket and begins to nibble it after she finishes.)

“Speaking of food, I heard that you were also a fantastic cook. What are a couple of things you like to make?”

(After she eats the strawberry, Zujenia tries to straighten up and not look like she enjoyed it.)

“Pastries, cakes and other desserts are some things I like to make.”

(Zujenia looks at the holocam. She has a very fascinated look as she gets up and begins to walk to the camera.)

Well folks I think we are probably done f-”

(Zujenia then picks up the Holocam and looks right into the lens, getting a good closeup of her face)

“Can I just take this with me? It’s just so shiny!”

“Um, sure.”(The Twi’lek sighs and smiles in the background) “Well folks that wraps it up for today, I will see you next time for another Arcona highlight!

(All the viewer can see now is the wrap-style vest of Zujenia in front of the camera and can hear footsteps as she leaves.)


xD Go Zuji!

This is awesome, Tash!


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