What type of syntax is the Wiki


Name is *Daedric Turelles*. I'm an amateur coder (just started the codecademy) but anyways, as I was working on my wiki I was trying to figure out exactly what type of syntax the wiki uses, I have looked at the SA courses but I was wondering exactly what type of syntax wiki uses. Like markup, markdown, HTML, etc etc. If this isn't the right thread please forgive me. This style of forum is new to me lol

The closest approximation may be Wiki Markup? The DB Wiki probably has some of it’s own special coding, but it would generally be considered Wiki Markup

The Wiki does use Wiki Markup with a combination of specialized templetes, which has been created over the years by our members.

On the wiki, there is a tutorial to help you get started. There is a couple of Wiki courses in the Shadow Academy also.

Please have a look at these.