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What’s This?! A Futuristic X-Wing? - Dark Jedi Brotherhood


Hell yes it's a futuristic X-Wing, straight from the set of Star Wars Episode 7 per a new "Force for Change" charity video released from JJ Abrams. Some internet trolls are questioning whether this is an X-Wing since the wings aren't expanded, but they look like they split apart to me and LucasFilm is calling it an X-Wing. So that's that.

How about those battle hardened scoff marks? Seems like the New Republic/Galactic Alliance/whatever the Rebels are doing these days isn't all gumdrops and lollypops.

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Eh, at the end you see that it’s got two sets of blasters on the end of each wing. Given that there has been a revival in going back to McQuarrie’s original concept designs. You can see in the X-Wing pieces of art there that the engines when together form a circle, but when split they would form a half moon.

The X-Wings from the original trilogy had a defined circular engine on the top and bottom of each wing, as well as 4 blasters.

So yeah, I think we’re seeing an evolution in the X-Wing design, but I do think that is what we’re seeing… not sure if it’s a “new” or “old” x-wing in the movie’s reckoning though.


Survey says, X-Wing!


Pew pew!


McQuarrie X-Wing! Woo!


That’s a good point about there being no astromech on board. Definitely an X-Wing, but good eye.

Yacks - good point about not knowing whether this is a “new” X-Wing or some sort of carry over from who knows what wars happened during the thirty years that pass.


TY abbs for posting the link I sent clan. cool.

But people are missing the biggest news…

The Mouse Droid is back… He survived the destruction of the Death Star… Chewy get’s to play cat and mouse once again… :stuck_out_tongue: