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Where are you?


As an echo of my email to the Clan Google Group, I will post here for those that don’t read emails.

Clan Tarentum,

Where are you? I know that I have that “newbie” energy going on right now, but c’mon- there are only three people subscribed to each of the three comps going on! I bet it’s the same three people for each.

There are 34 members listed as part of Tarentum. Even if each person only does one part, that should be 10 entries for each…

I know, many of us have lives, hell I’ve been gone a dozen years living mine- but now that I am back, choosing to be a part of something that I have always cared about I am not going to sit idly by and watch it die.

Even if you are “not great” at writing, at least give it a go. The weekend is upon us, but so is the deadline. The last few days I’ve seen at least a dozen members answer and send email- it wouldn’t have taken much more effort to do the trivia contest, or at least sign up for one of the writing contests…In fact please someone else make a submission, or else my attempt wins by default, and if that happens there is going to be one pissed off Dark Jedi.

I really expected to see more activity here on the message board, since I have been back I have not seen a single new post. Is the activity happening somewhere that I just don’t know about? Is everyone on leave? Is anybody there? Does anybody care?


SBL Pel (Sith)/House Tridens of Clan Tarentum, GC/SC/AC/DC/BN/SoLx2

“In Obscuritas Credemus”


A dark shape emerges from a cave, high up the north face of Mount Bloodfyre. The air is cold, sapping what little warmth there is in the dark mans body. His self imposed exile had at long last, come to an end. The dark man lowered the hood of his cloak, a nearby lightning strike illuminating is sharp features. His skin was the color of burnt wood, with the scars to match. Some 11 years ago he received his scars during a long and fierce battle with two troublesome Jedi pups and their Masters. The insignificant Jedi younglings were dispatched early on, and one of the masters followed a few hours later. But then this stranger, now standing high up on the mountain, made a near fatal error. He gloated. And took a blaster shot to the face as a result. A well placed force blast gave this man enough time to escape and flee the planet. Flee. Such a word was never to come into the mind of a true Sith. But flee he had. Fled from his Clan, fled from his order, fled from his master. But now, now he had emerged a new and stronger conduit for the darkside. He was once again at one with the darkness that flowed through him. He was once again the one to strike from the darkness, then disappear with out a trace. “The universe will once again fear me. It’s Shadowhunter has returned”

The man known as Daryus ‘Shadowhunter’ Zalyn’Cya Bloodfyre made his way down the mountain to a hidden valley several clicks to the north. As he approached what looked to be a pile of stones and boulders, Shadowhunter gestured with his gloved right hand and the rubble blasted away to reveal a starfighter. The Fury-class starfighter stood waiting to be awakened by its master. Daryus retrieved his com-link and typed in a secure code. There was a soft hum, followed by the beeps and chirps of his closest thing to a friend on this force-forsaken planet. “Good morning Four-Ce, glad to see you are still functional”. Then he chuckled at that. Who would have thought that he would end up with an astromech droid named after the power that gave him the ability to affect everything around him. “Contact Master Bloodfyre-Tarentae. Make him aware of my intent to take my place at his side.” A few moments later, the droid became agitated and began to rock in his cradle. Daryus looked at his secondary screen as he stepped down into his craft, reading the message there. There was another now at the Masters side. And he went under the monikor of Shadow. Rage made the blood burn through his veins. "No one gets to use my given skill name without my expressed approval. I will call on this young Shadow, and see just what my Master see’s in him. Four-Ce completed the pre-flight checklist and gave Daryus the all clear. Increasing power to the repulsors, his ship, known as Shadows Shunt, rose into the sky before blasting for orbit on it’s three ion drives.

It’s great to be back, and I am looking forward to getting to know everyone. I am a member that was active maybe 11 years ago. I play lots of games supported here, but my main passion will be the fictional writing. Let’s show everyone what it means to be a member of Tarentum and start taking back the respect we all deserve.