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Which Star Wars books would you consider good “Coffee Table Books”?


In light of the resent announcement of the Imperial Handbook, I realized that my coffee table is absent any good Star Wars books for visitors to flip through.

Personally, I’m going to rectify this by picking up a copy of the Star Wars Storyboards: The Original Trilogy book.

What are your suggestions/what do you currently have on your coffee table?


I actually keep The Journal of Master Gnost-Dural which was in the SWTOR Collectors Edition on my Coffee Table, along with the William Shakespeare Star Wars series.


I don’t own a coffee table right now, but when I buy one for the new apartment one of my first purchases is going to be Star Wars: Frames. There was a super fancy wood case version that cost a lot, but the paperback is now out and more affordable. Whatever your opinions of the PT or OT, all six films have beautiful imagery in them.