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Winds of Change


“What the hell was he thinking!”

Tasha sat back with her hands to her face. “The blithering coward sent our respected ships and fired on innocent people. We were neutral! I see now he shows his true colors. That he would side with a monster rather than carefully strategizing and looking at different perspectives. No, he hides behind our assets and uses them for his own personal agenda.”

The Twi’lek sighed and curled her hands into fists, pounding the table lightly as her eyes narrowed. “Does he really want to see a monster. I could show him what a monster can be like.” She could feel the Sith spirit stirring inside.

“You want me to help show this coward what it’s like to be brought down within Tasha? I can do it. You are in a position to where I can set things up for his downfall. Won’t you let me take over for you. I know you could use a bit of a break.”

A cruel thin smile played upon the Marauder’s lips curling into a wider grin. “Why not, he wants to see destruction and true power. Let’s see what you can do.”

“That is what I like to hear.” Tasha felt her consciousness falling into a downwards spiral as the Spirit began surfacing. Soon her bright green eyes were a deep golden as she rose from her chair. Turning about the room, the Spirit began to laugh. “It’s so good to be free. Been a long time since I’ve come out. Let’s see, this Koji is a Quaestor and the head of this house. Sounds like eliminating him would be a way to step up, but first we need to get things prepared before we can destroy this adversary.”

Tasha’s body began to walk towards the office door as a wicked smile donned her features. “This is going to be a delicious war and I can’t wait to see what happens.” Opening the door, the now spirit-ridden Tasha stepped out towards the hall and began to walk the corridors.

“Soon this war will change everyone.”