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X-wing Miniatures Pilots


Any players interesting in getting in touch on Vassal or perhaps in person (where possible) for some dog fights?
Wave 8 drops on 3/17/16 and things are bound to get more interesting from here.


I am always interested in getting a couple of matches in, but I haven’t set up Vassal on this computer yet…I really need to do that, huh. But in person, I’m always up for that, but don’t know of any of you that are close enough for that. :frowning:

But I will work on setting up Vassal the first chance I get.


What Vassal client do you use? I lost my last one to a corruption and I cant seem to find a good source for a new install.




@GryffonCantor is this the thing you’ve bugged me about? (only person I could think of for ya Janos)


Hey, I’ll take whomever. A good game is worth it. Thanks for the tag.


Depending on circumstances and time commitment, I might be up for this. I’ve only got the starter edition from TFA, but I had a lot of fun playing it.


Vassel is a computer client that allows you to fly any ship in the game digitally. You dont have to buy anything. However if you are in the Ohio, Kentucky, Indianna area, I am more than happy to let you try out any of the ships I have…which is all of them.