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Year of Light in the Clan Odan-Urr


It will be a year since the young Jedi joined the Clan Odan-Urr. And she is well aware that this was one of the best decisions of her life.

Elyon de Neverse awoke to this different time as much as she was used to. She felt lost in the new world before she met two Jedi again who accepted her request to return to a life worthy of the Jedi of the old days. Today, she is already walking on the path of the Force again with her head held high, looking forward to the future that awaits her here.

Life in the Jedi Praxeum is so similar to life in the Jedi Temple. Students hurrying down the hall, heading to their lessons or their crowds chatting about homework assignments. Elyon feels at home here. She likes to walk through empty and quiet corridors when she can’t sleep or needs to think.

She went out of her room for a walk tonight because she wanted to think. She didn’t think about where she was heading, she walks down the halls when she realized where she was standing. It was in one of the training rooms where there are lessons with lightsabers. Here she first met Master Aurora Ta’var.

Master Aurora, also known as Aura, is Consul of the Odan-Urr Clan. According to Elyon, she is a dynamic and awesome personality. Elyon is always happy to be near her because Aura reminds her of her former master. Strong and proud, but at the same time kind and caring, Aura’s personality could be described by these words. She would be willing to risk her life for the clan and its members. Aura is a female role model for Elyon and one day she would like to become a personality like Aura.

At that moment, Elyon sank into the memories of their conversation before the Great Jedi War. It was a conversation when Aura was her support when she remembered these old days. Today, Elyon smiles at these feelings, because the shadows of the past no longer scare her.Many clan members have the credit for that.

Elyon parted again, wandering thoughtlessly through the corridors until she stopped in front of the library. Here, too, she recognized one of the members whom she held in high esteem.

It was Tassk. She liked his calm deliberation and kind personality. He was always nice and friendly to her. He is the personification of the true Jedi. On the one hand, he knows how to use his strength and abilities, but at the same time he is able to act calmly even in difficult situations. Elyon always tried to take from everyone something she thought was right and worthy of a Jedi Knight. From Aura it was her tenacity and Tassk his calm deliberation.

She went on to remember meeting other members such as Scarlet, Yuki, Koraline, Torrun, Zuji, Gree, Zappius, Xantros, Revs, Kah Manet, Alethia and many other amazing and unique personalities.

An unforgettable personality for her is Natro, with whom they formed a family bond. Natro had a difficult past full of pain and suffering. And Elyon always cared about the suffering of others. A real brother-sister relationship developed between them, if Elyon could fully judge it because she was born an only child. But she felt the bond with him from the beginning, so she agreed with that when Natro offered it to her. Natro is more of the opposite for her. He is more explosive and darker than she is, but it creates balance and together they form a strong pair in the Force.

Elyon parted again, but this time she went to a place that reminded her of her beginnings in the clan and on her journey as a Jedi. A moment later, Elyon stepped into a hall where many junk lay. It looked similar to the day during one of her first lessons with Master Tarvitz. It was the day her Telekinesis was being tested here. And then there was an adventure with a female rancor, but that’s a different story…

Tarvitz and Gui Sol found her on the moon of Naboo with the help of the Force. And ever since her master chose her, Elyon has felt more alive every day. Ka Tarvitz became her father’s role model. He always took care of her and protected her, but at the same time he was the right Master for her, who led her to better performances and helped her improve. She is infinitely grateful to him for everything, because without him she would get lost in this world and didn’t get to where she is now.

Ka Tarvitz is still a Master for her, even though she herself already has an apprentice. The respect she has created for him during her training is still important to her, because no one should ever rise above others. According to her, respect for the masters was a basic duty of all Padawans. Elyon never felt it like a duty. For her, it was part of an individual’s life within the Jedi Order. She always remembered the words of her former master that someone would always be better, but more importantly, that hard work and respect will help you go the furthest.

And if she decided to take something from her master, it would be polite. He was only always polite to her. And that makes him special. Then she remembered Master Edgar Drachen’s words. He once told her that the best way to meet new people was to be nice.There was also a connection between Edgar and Elyon. Elyon saw him as a natural authority as well as her master, and Edgar respected and supported her in everything she did.

A year is a long time for someone and a short time of life for another one. During that time, Elyon met countless amazing and wonderful personalities.

It was a humid and warm night, so she decided to go out. She went out the main entrance and took the path she walked through when she went around the whole temple.

After a short walk, Elyon reached the tree where she had met Creon. He was one of her newest friends, but still very important to her. She felt affection for him and was happy to be near him. It was the first time she had felt this way. She always kept in mind that affection and dependence on a person were forbidden by Jedi rules. Suddenly, however, this rule no longer binds her so much. The connection Creon had created between them opened her eyes to the fact that not all rules are saint and that we can decide.

Elyon stood by the tree for a moment, remembering the day they first met. It was a sunny day and everything seemed livelier. Elyon then saw a handsome young man under a tree. And the moment their eyes met, they both felt disturbed in the Force. Since then, Elyon has been even more alive.

Elyon parted again from the tree, this time heading for the hangar. Elyon was the daughter of an engineer, and she was always drawn to ships and droids. It was something sure that never disappointed her. Whenever she could go to the hangar to do something or just soak up the atmosphere. She liked to visit Master Gui Sol in his workshop. She enjoys helping him with repairs. Droids and repairs were their interest and common hobby. Gui was the second Jedi she saw after waking up. He also took care of her at the beginning of her journey. She was grateful to him for that, and he found her and watched over her.

During this remembrance, she came to her ship. She ran his fingers along the hull of the ship. Flying meant freedom for her. She remembered the feeling of flying in the ship with her parents at Coruscant. It was amazing. This feeling had every time she sat in the cockpit and flew to the unknown.

Then she looks up to the line of the x wing ships. They were the ships of Tython Squadron. Squadrons of members of the Odan-Urr Clan, among which now also belonged. It was something new that Elyon had not yet experienced as part of a group of pilots. All members of the Tython Squadron received her well, even though she was the youngest of them. Including the leader of the battleteam Jon Silvon.

She already had the opportunity to meet John on joint missions. And she believes that in the future he will have the opportunity to get to know him better. She had no problem that he was not a Jedi, on the contrary, his intuition worked quite similarly to the Jedi’s senses. Among other pilots, he has the respect of natural authority as well as the Elyon.

Elyon came out of the hangar, but she was full of thoughts and memories, and because it was a warm night, she decided to stay outside. She reached the stone next to the main entrance and sat on it. Then she looked up at the stars that shone softly on her. At that moment, she remembered sitting with her parents at Theed’s Falls, watching the stars.

They were different stars at a different time, but Elyon still felt calm. It was this place and its people. So different and amazing, but at the same time uniform. And she found her place among them. Her personality and story connected with theirs and created a common path through the Force and their lives. It was these people for whom she was willing to risk everything, because everyone reaps. Odan-Urr became her life’s mission and her home.

It was her decision that changed her life and threw her where she is now. The decisive thing is not to regret it. The clan Odan-Urr and its members became as strong and unique in its life and family as the Force itself. She never said enough how happy she could be a part of them. It is perhaps impossible to describe in words.

Thank you for everything.Thank you for being a part of you. You have changed my life each one separately, I will never be the same. Thank you for what I am and what I will be. Elyon dedicated her thoughts to all members of the Odan-Urr clan and friends within the fraternity.

May the Force be with you! Forever!!

Thank you Clan Odan-Urr!