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[Zakath/Nath] Exorcism


Nighthawk Shuttle
Deep Space

Cutting the engines, Zakath watched as the shuttle jerked to a stop, soon hanging motionlessly in deep space, with no nearby planets or ships to pick up the small shuttle. Ever since he had left the Nighthawk with his former apprentice in tow, the Barabel had been considering the problem that he was now being forced to solve. Killing spirits, for the most part, was easy. You simply killed the host carrying the spirit, and unless a weak-willed person was nearby for it to jump to, the spirit would then return to the Void.

Excising a spirit from a host without killing them was another matter entirely.

If she even wants to be free. Zakath thought as he spun his chair around to watch the door leading into the passenger section of the shuttle. Nath is not weak-willed, so she must be allowing this possession or is not aware of it. Those are the only scenarios that makes sense.

The Barabel shrugged internally to himself as he kept a careful watch on the cockpit door for his former apprentice. He would find out soon enough. Nath would be awakening soon, if she wasn’t already, and soon secrets would be revealed.


Nath had awoken a while ago, her Master’s presence had stirred her into wakefulness. She sat bolt upright, the sedatives reacting badly with her already frazzled mind. She bit back the scream as her nightmare finished with her waking, her body instinctually jerking back against one the internal hull to take her surroundings in. The dark metallic walls were familiar enough to be recognised as a shuttle from the Nighthawk, she allowed a breath to be expelled from her lungs slowly, calming her already speedily beating heart.

As she began to move she noted the bindings at her arms, she gave them very little attention for now choosing to stand up and stretch her aching limbs, only increasing the constant throb of pain she experienced at all times. Her neck clicked as she turned her gaze towards the only other compartment but she did not move to seek Zakath out, turning her attention to the crude bindings once more. It did not take long for her to slip them, but even she had to admit it was a skill she would need to become more proficient at.

Once free she paced around the confined space before she decided to hide herself with her force cloak skill. It came so naturally now it was like a second skin, it almost felt like there was cooled water running across her flesh. Her nerves mumbled their protest with more pain but she remained still, awaiting her host.


Author’s note: This RO kinda descended into an RP but because @KordathDtana reminded me of it here’s where we got up to.

Zakath’s eyes narrowed to slits as he felt his Apprentice’s presence in the Force suddenly disappear. Reaching out with the Force, he tried to get a sense of Nath, but found only emptiness. The Sith merely smiled slightly as he rose to his feet and moved to the cockpit door, thumbing it open. As the door whisked open, he remained solidly planted in the doorway, not bothering to enter.

“I see you’re awake.” He called out into the seemly empty room.

Silence was his only reply.

“This is the situation we’re in.” Zakath continued on, unsurprised at the dead silence. “You killed a security guard during a training exercise, and at the exercise’s conclusion, Captain Uji had discovered that you are carrying a spirit within you.”

The silence seemed to take on a brittle edge.

“And so he has ordered me to deal with the situation.” He said as his eyes flicked around the passenger compartment, seeking out any trace of Nath. “The spirit is to be dealt with, or you are to be put on a leash and caged up until it is time to deal with the Captain’s enemies, like his own personal attack dog.”

The last two words were spat out as a curse.

“I do as I please, when I please.” Nath’s voice hissed out as she appeared next to the Barabel, her black eyes staring fiercely at him. “I was unaware of the exercise when the guard entered my quarters. And nobody enters my quarters with weapons drawn. He paid for that mistake.”

“Then we need to resolve this, one way or another.” Zakath growled as he return his Apprentice’s glare with one of his own as he crossed his arms “What would you suggest?”

“There is nothing further to discuss.” The Iridonian vanished yet again, he caught a glint as she moved away, following the indentation along the floor paneling, even for his Apprentice the reactions were queer.

“The Captain disagrees.” Zakath replied as his eyes followed the trail. “I could care less about what spirits you consort with, but he had made clear that the spirit is to be excised or you are to be caged up. He does not want to risk you being possessed at a critical minute.”

“Then I suggest you begin to foster and nurture some of Naradas’ skills.” There was a certain tone of amusement from her but she still hissed out the Sith’s name.

If Zakath had eyebrows, they would’ve rose. “Lying to the Captain? Then you are carrying the spirit voluntary. Why?”

“Because I can.” She was just being awkward now, purposefully giving him vague responses.

“I will need a better answer than that if you want me to lie.” Zakath replied with an annoyed sigh.

“It isn’t a matter of wanting, you would lose face if you do not.”

“Ah.” Zakath smiled grimly. “I would indeed lose face… but not if I don’t lie. Only if the situation remains unresolved. Lying is certainly one way to resolve it. Killing you is another. Why should I lie for you? You are not my Apprentice any longer. Your actions, once you became a Knight, are your own.”

"Then pray tell, why are you here and not our dear Captain hm? " The voice was Nath’s the words he could no longer be certain.

“Because our Captain has given me the command to deal with it.” Zakath’s eyes narrowed to slits even as they began to glow a ghostly purple. “He felt that I would have the best chance of success since I knew you the longest. If anyone can actually know you.”

“But as you have already pointed out, it is not your place any longer.” He could see the shimmer approach once again until she almost stood on top of him. “You know me more than most, that is true, but it will not help you here.” An ice cold palm pressed to his cheek, almost affectionate.

“I know Nath more than most, yes.” Zakath remained unmoving as the palm caressed his cheek for a long few seconds before removing it. “But I’m not so sure I’m dealing with her, am I?”

“You are, father.” Was the only response she could think to give him but she did not step back once he removed her appendage, showing no fear or signs of surrendering to his will.

“Hmm.” Zakath cocked his head slightly as he stared down at the Iridonian. “Who is this spirit?”

“Not content with knowing of it I see.” She almost smiled. “Privileged information will cost you as it does any other.”

“And the cost of this information?” Zakath asked, his tone flat.

“Make me a decent offer.”

“I have nothing that interests you except…” Zakath’s lips curved up into a grim smile as he gazed down at Nath, his eyes glowing brighter. “…my silence and the Captain’s concerns removed.”

“Pretty words, I want a guarantee.” Her hand remained still in his toying slightly with his nails, an old habit she had never lost.

“Guarantee?” Zakath laughed quietly as he kept his talons still, watching her pale fingers trace the sharp pointed tips. “What guarantee can I give? My word or something else?”

“Sith aren’t known for their honour.” He could see her smile grow as she fixated, she barely noticed her own blood beginning to flow from her fingertip.

“Yes. Honour is a fool’s prize.” Zakath acknowledged her statement with a slight nod. “You’ve learned your lessons well. So I ask again. What guarantee can I give?”

“Blood of course.” The statement seemed perfectly logical for the slightly crazed looking Apprentice.

“I see.” Zakath replied, a slight note of amusement appeared in his tone as he continued on. “Cut our palms and we do the human custom of shaking on it? Or did you have something else in mind?”

“Both, I also require a large sample.” Nath freely used Zakath’s talons to slice open her own palm without hesitation, however, the almost virulent healing of her own body would not allow the deep gashes to remain open for very long.

“On two conditions.” Zakath said as he watched the blood pool in her palm, the scent of it pleasing to the Barabel. “A loudspeaker is installed in your quarters so you are aware of future training exercises or anything else unexpected. We cannot have another incident. Also, the spirit does not interfere with your duties, especially if you wish to maintain the deception.”

“Agreed, in exchange for those two requirements.” By the time she had finished speaking the wounds upon hand had healed, she pressed and dragged her palm deeper on his talons Zakath could feel the telltale scrape of them scraping into bone. “She did not interfere to begin with.”

“I see.” Zakath replied as he withdrew his talons from Nath’s hand and set it on his own palm, one razor-sharp point dragging across it, causing black blood to start seeping out. “Regardless of her involvement, she was detected by the Captain and his suspicions were aroused. Fortunate in this case, but tell her to hide better.”

“I killed him, no other was involved, how he became aware I do not know.” Without hesitation Nath pressed her palm to Zakath’s sealing the deal between the pair.

“Then you will need to be cautious from here on out since our new Captain is apparently a very perceptive sort to have detected the spirit without its active involvement.” Zakath concluded as their blood mixed together in their palms. “And the deal is sealed in blood. Now who is this spirit?”

“You can have your answers when I have my blood sample.” She wasn’t going to give him everything before she had what she wanted. If there was one thing she could call herself it was cautious to the point of paranoia.

“Then let’s get on with it.” He growled softly as he released Nath’s hand with an almost audible squish from the oozing blood.

“i need a sterile sample extraction, not a jar of it.” She practically rolled her eyes at the Sith’s impatience.

“Then make your arrangements.” Zakath hissed as he withdrew a handkerchief from a cargo belt pocket, pressing it against his oozing wound. “We will not return to the Nighthawk until everything is done. Too many unfriendly ears there.”

She pushed past him quickly to gain access to the medical kit that would no doubt be found within the cockpit. As her eyes scoured the area seeking it out she idly licked away the blood that coated her palm.

The heavy bag could easily be seen in the metallic rafters, she I’d not even need to stand on her tiptoes to reach and placed it on the floor to dig out the equipment she would need.

“You do not trust them then.” The Iridonian was certainly curious but not willing to pry too far.

“I trust no one there.” Zakath replied as he followed his Apprentice into the cockpit, head cocked slightly as he watched as Nath began to dig through the bag. “Trust is not a currency easily earned from me, and nobody there has earned it. And with our current situation, it is best to avoid attention to us.”

“Being antisocial tends to solve those problems.” As she spoke she pulled the required equipment out. “Hmm, I will take a good faith sample now, the rest can be collected when we return.” The ship had no medical facilities to speak of it was plainly obvious she could not get what she needed straight away.

“Being antisocial works to a point.” Zakath acknowledged as he settled into the pilot’s chair, one muscular arm extended for Nath’s access. “But that doesn’t prevent people from prying where they shouldn’t. Much like our old friend, Naradas.”

"You’re the one who trusted him. " She doesn’t hesitate to insert the needle easily gaining access and collecting the sample into a small sealed container.

“I never trusted him.” Zakath corrected her as he watched the blood flow into the container. “I underestimated him. There’s a difference, though the end result was the same.”

“You took the long way round.” With little care she withdrew the needle, pressing her thumb against the tiny wound to staunch the flow of blood.

“That’s one way to look at it.” Zakath chuckled in amusement as he gently nudged Nath’s thumb aside to press at the puncture wound himself while Nath busied herself with putting her sample away. “It worked out in the end though. Now, you have your sample.”

“I have a good faith sample, when we go back I want more.” She quickly corrected him, licking the blood away from her thumb and clipping the kit back to the wall it had come from.

The Iridonian took a moment to inspect the sample before sitting in the seat next to Zakath. Nath swiftly noted her bare feet and sat crossing her legs off the floor and reclining back.

“So, ask your damned questions.” It was easy to see she was impatient today, not particularly willing to answer them but now had no reason not to do so.