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[Zirael] Battleteam Fiction - Kaltani’s Blessing


The Village, Kiast
34 ABY

Xolarin paced. A bit nervously, actually. He was normally quite stoic and stern looking, but today was different. Those around him noticed, and Dael was no different. His good friend had been with him since he joined the Jedi and was one of his closest confidants. Dael knew Xolarin better than Xolarin knew himself, sometimes. So when Xolarin was uncharacteristically anxious, Dael saw it.

“You’ll be just fine, Xol,” said his friend. “Corvus trusted you in this role, including meeting the Empress.”

Xolarin chortled. “You’re right, Dael.” The Padawan shook his head a bit. “Still doesn’t mean I don’t want the visit to go as well as possible.”

The Empress Kaltani was visiting the Village, the home of Battleteam Zirael on Kiast, a gift more or less from the Empress. She was checking in on things and also paying a visit to the new leader. After all, he was one of her conduits to the Jedi, to Clan Odan-Urr, on her planet.

The shuttle was just setting down as the two Jedi exchanged words. Xolarin stopped his pacing and stepped forward, taking his normal stance with Dael just behind him. Xolarin had not appointed a sergeant for the team, but Dael pretty much acted as such. A few other Jedi were present as well, lined up in formal parallel lines of procession.

Two Vatali guards exited the shuttle and scouted around, giving a nod to Xolarin’s crew and then mumbling something into his headgear. The Empress then disembarked her shuttle with several more Vatali guards at her side. These guards were nothing to shake a stick at, that was for sure. Xolarin had actually sparred with them a few times in non-lethal combat - the Empress was quite safe.

“Padawan Xolarin,” she said as she and her companions got closer.

Xolarin took a knee and bowed his head, his team doing the same. “An honor, your highness.”

Kaltani smiled warmly. “Rise, my friend. It is good to see you, and good to see my gift is being used well.” She was looking around a bit at the open commons area which was situated adjacent to the landing pads. It was the busiest area of the Village.

“Thank you,” Xolarin replied plainly. His nerves were calmed a bit by her warm greeting, but he was still being as formal as he could. He was standing now, following her gaze around the area. “We have attempted to make this as much of a home as we can. The specialists from our Clan and Battleteam, as well as the artisans and businessmen from your empire and Essadan, have proven quite useful to have stationed here.”

The Empress nodded, giving a quick glance at Dael before returning her eyes to Xolarin. “Ranger Corvus was right to appoint you leader here, Xolarin.” The Jedi was about to reply with a bow and words of thanks, but she continued, noticing his eyebrows raise from her words. “That said, I am keeping an eye on you and the Village. This is a key asset on Kiast, and a key part of our relationship with Clan Odan-Urr, as you know.”

Xolarin nodded solemnly in reply. “As you should, highness.” He glanced over at Dael before looking back at her. It was highly likely this would be a quick visit, especially since the other officials of the Clan were not present. But he would be able to give her a quick tour before she had to leave. A demonstration of his team would have been nice to coordinate, but not with the amount of time she allotted.

“Shall we, then?” Xolarin spoke, with a motion of his extended arm. He gave a hint of a smile, albeit a nervous one.

“Indeed,” said Kaltani with a smile. And so it would be that the two groups would walk together and see the Village and the new headquarters of Zirael. Overall she would be pleased, but it was hard to say if she would fully approve next she spoke to Turel or A’lora. For now though, this would be a defining moment at the onset of Xolarin’s leadership, an exciting time for sure.